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How to write minutes at a lodge meeting

Aitchison's Haven, 1598-1764 The Ultimate Template Kit to Help You Start, Run and Grow Your Business Like a Pro. Minutes of that Lodge commence on 31st July 1599. THE BOOK OF. though in one or two places a few words are illegible the writing is in good condition and. meetings. Some of these were meetings of "a pairt of the companie" or of the.

How To Lead A Lodge Meeting - The Masonic Trowel Six months later, on July 31, 1599, are to be found the minutes which confirm the lodge's claim as having the oldest existing Masonic minutes. Meetings define the Lodge or Lodge Committee Who's there and committed. In today's world, this type of meeting can be viewed as a waste of time for many. In the remaining minutes of the meeting, the meeting leader should review what.

Guide to Lodge Meetings News - Grenville Lodge At such election, the assembly is to elect: (a) The President (b) The Vice President (c) The Orator (d) The Recording Secretary (e) The Financial Secretary (f) The Treasurer (g) Trustees (h) Master and Mistress of Ceremony (i) The Guard (j) The Arbitration Commissioners and Alternate Commissioner.(i) When disorder arises in the meeting of the assembly or of the Council, the President may silence or censure the member or members causing such disorder. The Vice President is the second ranking officer of the Local Lodge. The dress codes in all Lodges are quite similar and include. He is also responsible for taking the minutes of the Lodge meeting and distributing the summons.

Meeting Minutes Unless otherwise provided by the laws of the Grand Lodge, the Local Lodge shall hold its election during the month of February of each year. Minutes of Jachin Lodge #146 Regular Meeting January 10th, 2017 Lodge. Alan Svoboda offered to prepare a meal before the next meeting, October 11th.

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