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Environmental history dissertations

Best undergraduate dissertations 2014 Department of History. Students in our program can also benefit from the expertise of resident scholars with allied interests: —Paul Gootenberg (commodities, illicit goods, drugs, Latin America)—Wolf Schäfer (globalization, science and technology, historical geography)—Shobana Shankar (health and disease in Africa, international/global health)—Nancy Tomes (U. histories of health and medicine)Stony Brook's environmental history program enjoys a distinctive connection to the "New Commodity Studies." In recent years, global commodities have become a central scholarly tool for exploring the relationships between nature and built environments and the social worlds of labor, consumption, and politics, and in linking local social environments to global networks and forces. Their production and use cultures have, especially in the modern world, altered global landscapes in profound ways. Winner of the 'Best History dissertation of 2014' prize, Prize-winning rosette. A study of the environmental impact of the earthworm in natural and human history.

Dissertations, Theses, & Student Research, Department of History. Dissertation Title: “Evangelical Empire: Globalizing the Gospel in the Age of American Superpower” Dissertator: Brandt, Susan Hankett Advisor: Klepp, Susan Dissertation title: “Gifted Women and Sed Practitioners: Gender and Healing Authority in the Mid-Atlantic Region, 1740-1830” Dissertator: Buehner, Henry Advisor: Waldstreicher, David L. Dissertation Title: “‘Getting Rid of the Line’: Toward an American Infantry Way of Battle, 1918-1945” Dissertator: Clemis, Martin G. Dissertation Title: “Persevering in War: the Influence of Propaganda Companies in the Wehrmacht” Dissertator: De Marco, Michael R. Dissertation title: “‘We Have Got through Those Troublesome Times’: The American Revolution and Poor and Middling Women in the Delaware Valley” Dissertator: Elkins, Alexander B. Dissertation Title: “At Water’s Edge: Britain, Napoleon, and the World, 1794-1815” Dissertator: Greene, Tyler G. Dissertations, Theses, & Student Research, Department of History. Close on the Wind An Environmental Military History Examining Wind's Influence on the.

Recent Dissertations - Department of History - Carnegie Mellon. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide snificant coverage of it beyond its mere trivial mention. Dissertations in History, 2010-2016. Kevin Brown “The Nature of Lumber Work, Environment, and Forestry in Minnesota and Louisiana, 1890-1940,” 2012.

Department of History Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Students work closely with their advisers in developing the thesis. Generally, paper copies of theses and dissertations published prior to 2014 can be. An environmental history of the Rio Grande in the Panama Canal zone.

William Cronon - Students Advisor: Hilty, James Dissertation Title: “Partners in Renewal: The Bedford-Stuyvesant Corporation and the Web of American Racial Justice” Dissertator: Brandenburg, Benjamin Advisor: Immerman, Richard H. Urwin Dissertation Title: “The Control War: Pacification in Vietnam, 1968-1972” Dissertator: Cole, Timothy Advisor: Bailey, Beth Dissertation title: “Under Age: Youth and Adulthood in 1970s America” Dissertator: Conrad, Stephen E. Advisor: Wells, Jonathan Dissertation Title: “Printing Politics: Political Culture and Newspapers in Florida, 1821-1880” Dissertator: Deem, Lynnette Advisor: Lockenour, Jay B. Dissertation Title: “Civil War Memoirs, Fiction, and Poetry of Confederate Women Writers” Dissertator: Denaci, Ruth An Advisor: Klepp, Susan E. Fields of Interest environmental history; relious history; political history; and intellectual and cultural history. Current Project My dissertation, tentatively titled.

Environmental History - University of St Andrews Few history departments can boast such a number and variety of scholars—specialists of different regions, time periods, and methodologies—who study and teach environmental history, broadly defined. candidates benefit from an unusually rich and eclectic range of course offerings and research programs. The MLitt in Environmental History explores human interaction with the. the final assessment piece for the MLitt, a dissertation of not more than 15,000 words.

Stony Brook University Environmental History Program The MLitt in Environmental History explores human interaction with the non-human natural world within the context of a conceptually advanced study of history of science, medicine and environment. For almost any environmental history dissertation topic, a viable committee could be assembled from this distinguished list. Students in our program can also.

An Environmental History of Toronto's Don River Valley - TSpace If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted. Perspectives on the social and environmental consequences of urban development. The dissertation begins by documenting the industrial history of the river.

Recent Dissertations History College of Liberal Arts University of. 2016 entry Postgraduate; leading to a Master of Letters (MLitt) One year full time A good 2.1 Honours undergraduate degree in history or a related discipline. View a list of recent dissertations written by our graduate students. Power and the Socio-Economic Environmental History of the Ethnic Identity of the Babirwa.

Environmental history dissertations:

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